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Download CentOS 7.0.1511 Free

CentOS 7.0.1511 is an open-source RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) based Operating System with community support and an enterprise-ready environment. This free download is a standalone offline installer of CentOS.

CentOS 7.0.1511 Overview

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is further enhanced into different other versions, CentOS is one of the releases which is based on RHEL. This powerful OS is best for commercial use with complete community support. It is also completely compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux which is an award Winning flavor of Linux. CentOS 7.0.1511 is famous as because of its active development, community infrastructure, open management & business along with many other factors. You can easily maintain this version of Linux and deploy it as a server as well.
In terms of stability, it is also the most stable release as it can provide long-running production for your server. Package maintenance is extremely easy with a friendly environment along with additional core and commercial support. Moreover, it is powered by GNOME project so that its users can get easily understandable environment. Default applications in this package include a productive suite as LibreOffice, Firefox browser, GIMP, Inkspace, k3B burning tool, Vim editor, Thunderbird. In addition to all these utilities, CentOS also provides Apache server, MySQL & PostgreSQL, OpenSSH & SSL, Samba Network Sharing, Postfix server, and Programming languages support.

Features of CentOS 7.0.1511

Some of the features of CentOS 7.0.1511 are:
  • Easy to use and easy to maintain
  • Reliable and stable release
  • Based on RHEL
  • Best for Commercial use
  • Active Development
  • Open Management and Open Business model
  • Community infrastructure
  • Long running production for servers
  • GNOME based
  • Basic utilities include
    • LibreOffice
    • Firefox
    • Thunderbird
    • GIMP
    • Inkspace
    • K3B CD/DVD burning
    • Vim Editor
  • Advanced server utilities
    • Apache server
    • MySQL and PostgreSQL
    • OpenSSH and SSL
    • Samba Network Sharing
    • Postfix server
    • Programming languages support including python, PHP, and Pearl
  • EXT3 and EXT4
  • Open-source
  • Multilingual
  • Enhanced support and more

System Requirements for CentOS 7.0.1511

Before you download and install CentOS 7.0.1511, make sure that your system meets the given requirements
  • Free Disk Space Required: 20GB recommended
  • Processor: Multicore Processor required

CentOS 7.0.1511 Free Download

Click the below link to download the standalone ISO installer of CentOS 7.0.1511 for x86-64 architecture. It is the stable and powerful release of Linux.
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